What To Do With The Kids When It Snows – Build a Snowman!

December 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Are you snowed in with snowhere to go?! Me too!

The worst part about it is if you have children. There is only so much time they can spend splattering you with snowballs, building countless snowmen and throwing themselves off of a sledge at high speeds! (Okay, yes I enjoy all that too!) It can be all-too-tempting to plonk them in front of the telly with a stack of Disney films while you try and get on with things, but why not get them to spend some of their time on some educational games? (You don’t even have to mention the educational bit!)

Try Primary Resources for some lovely festive learning tools, cleverly disguised as drawing and colouring activities! Or if you fancy something a bit more maths-based, why not visit Maths Star’s site for all sorts of free maths worksheets.

And the best game I found today was building a snowman without having to go out in the cold!!! – Build a snowman

Have fun everyone!

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§ 2 Responses to What To Do With The Kids When It Snows – Build a Snowman!

  • Building a snowman is an excellent idea. I made two today as I was clearing the path outside. Sleding is something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing yet. I think I’m a bit old for it!

    Educational games for children are the best way to engage them. What are your opinions on the Nintendo DS ones that supposedly exercise your mind?

    • mathsstar says:

      I’ve never tried the Nintendo DS games actually! But I think they are a good idea for keeping your mind active. Those sorts of activities are likely to help with the eleven plus as well, because they are building logic skills.

      And you are NEVER too old for sledging! My Dad still went sledging at the age of 60 ha ha!

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