Is Your Brain a Lefty or a Righty?!

January 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered why people who enjoy maths don’t tend to enjoy English and vice versa? I often hear parents who are worried because, “Johnny’s very good at English, but he needs help with his maths.” I am, of course, very reassuring and say that it is often the case that people have a preference towards either maths or English . . . but I have never experienced it myself. So, I started wondering whether maybe I’m a bit . . . odd!

Having looked into it, you can actually get different “modes” of thinking. This apparently depends upon which side of your brain you have a preference towards. And so we get to the question of lefties and righties! What is the difference?

LEFT BRAIN – People with left-brain thinking are rational, logical and analytical
RIGHT BRAIN – People with right-brain thinking are inuitive, subjective and creative

So, basically, right-brain thinkers are more likely to favour a creative approach to problem solving and focus on art and feelings, which are conducive to a literary mind. Meanwhile, left-brain thinkers are more likely to have an analytical approach to problem solving and focus on reason and logic, obviously making it much easier to grasp mathematical concepts.

Both types of thinkers are equally intelligent, but unfortunately schools tend to favour left-brain modes of thinking, meaning more creative thinkers often get left behind. We see this in the eleven plus exams, where very often it is mathematics and reasoning skills that are tested rather than literacy skills. Perhaps it is time to bring more creative teaching into the classroom to develop a better “whole-brained” approach to learning.

As for me, I’m just one of those┬ápeople who is able to use both sides competently – something I think was gained by a good mix of genes and plenty of mixed brain training! So, go on, get your left and right brain hemispheres talking!!

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